Bringing it Back

I'm bringing it back. Not sure just when or how but I'm bringing it back.



Dear reader(s?),
Future Conscious is now sleeping. I'll let you know if life begins to stir again but for now, goodnight and thanks for watching. Phil



These are cool! Don't buy one though. Make it yourself. Visit NerdBots for inspiration.


The Designers Field Guide To Sustainability

LUNAR Elements have designed this nice little Field Guide to Sustainability for designers, engineers, architects and just about anyone really - to assist with developing more sustainable products. You can download a pdf freebie from the Lunar site or via ecolect.


Horizontal Lines

I feel the need to share this link to Smashing Magazine's post on Horizontal Lines. Noting the fall in the use of horizontal lines in web design (and maybe in print as well?), Smashing Magazine asked their readers to come up with some creative horizontal lines to be downloaded and used by everyone. You can now get a free zip file of hundreds of the entries for use as a vector (.ai) or photoshop file (.psd). Go to!


What colour are you?

Thankyou kristy - according to this pantone colour matching birthday profiley thingemy, I'm a Cameo Green - compassionate, giving, able to do many things on an emotional and intellectual level and with a rare understanding of the human condition. I agree.


Cheap Wares in Oz.

Fathers day brunch brings Fathers net connection. My sister just put me on to Matt Blatt, an online retailer hailing from Sydney and with showrooms in Melbourne and Brisbane. I think most of their furnishings are replicas of original designs and stem from production houses in China. I'd be really interested to see the details compared to the originals but at first glance they look pretty good. You can pick up this replica Jens Risom Sitting Stool for a lowly $185.00 (Aus), along with gems by Eames, Starck, Jacobsen and many more.   


Still Operating.

I'm still alive but unfortunatley have no home net connection so the possibilities and the joys of blogging are seriously defined right now. But I'll be back up soon. p