Cheap Wares in Oz.

Fathers day brunch brings Fathers net connection. My sister just put me on to Matt Blatt, an online retailer hailing from Sydney and with showrooms in Melbourne and Brisbane. I think most of their furnishings are replicas of original designs and stem from production houses in China. I'd be really interested to see the details compared to the originals but at first glance they look pretty good. You can pick up this replica Jens Risom Sitting Stool for a lowly $185.00 (Aus), along with gems by Eames, Starck, Jacobsen and many more.   


Anonymous said...

Can I direct you to the blog on furniture company's Living Edge website - 'le blog' where debate continues to rage about designer knock-offs....mmm

e :)

phil said...

yes you may. thankyou :P