little acorn people

'untitled' | pen and acrylic | artist : me

This is a little painting I scratched together. I'd like to do more of these but maybe get some more details and shades in a bit. The story is that they're basically little hunter/gatherers that fossick for acorns and nuts and they're largely telepathic. I dunno but they maybe remind me more of apiarists, minus the beard of bees.



all in my name

Thankyou KR, you're absolutely right. I read your list and laughed so had to do this myself. I usually despise these things like chain letters. I also wonder who thought them up and how difficult or easy it was for them to do so that for most people, it kind of works out right.

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car)
Emma 626
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)
Chocolate Choc Chip
3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)
P-WAR (Biatch!)
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Green Lion
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Anthony Adelaide
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
Warph (I like it)
7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink) -
The Orange Coffee
8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) -
Eric Thomas
9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy)
Euphoria Malteser
10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names )
Kay Holbrook (includes gender reassignment also)
11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)
Ruediger Rome
12. SPY NAME/BOND GIRL: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
Spring Lotus
13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Mango Pajamy
14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree)
Muesli Oak
15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”)
The Design Breeze Tour


Caution! Obscenities ahead.

This day has been a thrill. I'm coming down with a cold that I've been hoping to stave off using mental powers (Note to self: try harder next time). Fearing I might end up coughing all through a movie I got invited to this evening I decided against going. But later today I renegged on that decision and went anyway.

Now, I'm very grateful to KR for the invite to Once and I really enjoyed the film. KR is lucky - she gets a lot of free tix (Note to self: keep as friend until the luck runs out!:). BUT I knew there was a reason I perhaps should have stayed at home.

Firstly, I left the house thinking it was 8:25 - giving me time to get into the city by 8:45. But, got in the car and realised my clock's ten minutes slow on my Mac. Rushed there, over the limit, ping, flashing white light, little white sign, $180 speeding fine (plus!)

Forget the free ticket to the movie therefore, I just paid for everyone's ticket in the cinema!

But the story's not finished yet. Rushing for a park now, driving down Rundle Street with Taxi in front. Taxi enters intersection to turn right (in front of The Stag). I follow, thinking he's going to turn all the way through »»»» Nudge«««« Oh fuck I've just hit him. Driver gets out and gives me an earful. I apologise. Driver then waves a few non verbals. I tell him very politely just to chill out. He heads to get back in his car. All over with? Nope. Driver turns back to me, comes up to window and shouts 'Did you just tell me to fuck off?!' - Me? No.

'Here we go...' I'm thinking. 'Right' he says. 'Pull over and we'll sort this shit out! You've just had an accident with me and I'm taking your name down!'

So I do the right thing. Sure I hit him (very lightly I add) so it's the proper thing to do now I guess. Pull over. Driver rants and raves. I check his damage and there's nothing but a slightly bent tow bar (I'm not even sure I dented it - my number plate is bent marginally (a wafer thin bit of crappy metal Vs a large arm thick chunk of steel?). He talks at me like I'm some idiot. I talk back politely, apologise again but walk away feeling like dirty meat. Fuck I hate that sort of crap.

The film, Once, was great however. Good music and thanks again KR.

Alas, rant not over with yet.

I fucken Capital 'aich Hate McDonalds. I wanted a coffee after the movie and to prime me for the evening. As it was now 11:00pm, CIBO was shut so I had to settle on Grimaces Bowelwater. Driveway and Carpark was full of 'Pplate - 18 year old - think they're homies College Boys driving Daddy's Car.' (I know because I was almost one of them). So I decided I'd go inside to get my coffee figuring it'd be quicker service at the little McCrappe counter off to the side of the main counter. I was soooo wrong.

Little service girl who's maybe been eating too many of Ronalds nugggets took about SEVEN minutes to mix up ONE Banana Frappe. She was in noooo hurry. And you call this Fast Food? I don't think McDonald's should really hire people who physically can't walk. The whole of The Brighton Junior Calisthenics Team got served before me at the main service counter. Counter? Desk? Trough? Embalming Table? I'm not sure what you call it.

And why is the lighting so bad at McDonalds? Everyone looks ghastly morbid and twice their age and you have to squint like a dehibernating mole to read the ugly menu. Plus, late on a Friday night when it's full of so many other pastey white tossers you almost get fooled into thinking you're on some pissed bender with everyone else. If anyone has the answer to the lighting situation let me know. And don't tell me it's to make the food look fresher.

And another thi...

Forgive me. I'm not usually this impatient and shitty. Just sometimes I think someone up there has it in for me.

o.f. asleep with toy

100 things that make me happy OR not another darn list!

Inspired once again by Day Zero, here is my list of 100 things that make me happy (not in any order):

1. A well made coffee served at the right temperature
2. Receiving random and heartfelt gifts
3. My nephew O.F. when he smiles
4. A good book that can't be put down
5. Music that moves me to another place
6. Meditating and letting go
7. Smiles from strangers
8. The company of my nearest friends
9. Cleaning up and sorting out rubbish
10. Receiving an email or text message from friends
11. Walking in nature
12. Sitting on the beach watching the waves
13. Balmy evenings
14. Waking up in a tent
15. Sleeping in
16. Pet therapy
17. When my car's running well
18. Nailing a piece of design
19. Viewing an inspired piece of art or design
20. Post exercise highs
21. Mountain biking up chambers gully
22. Lazy afternoons drinking and snacking in a garden somewhere
23. Birds
24. Street performers
25. Touching nice textures like wood, fabric and paper
26. Natures intelligent design
27. A warm wind that comes from nowhere
28. Flying on an aeroplane in the early hours of the morning
29. Strangely, eating aeroplane food
30. Beautiful women with enchanting faces - brings smiles to the point of tears
31. Seeing other people happy or secure
32. Being able to do something good for someone else
33. Feeling useful, wanted, loved
34. Distant memories from when my life was way less complicated
35. Clothing that looks good on me and fits me right
36. Customer service people who enjoy their jobs
37. Furniture and accessories made from natural materials
38. Places that ooze 'soul'
39. Peeling off a large chunk of wallpaper
40. The feeling and the sound of putting a coin into a slot
41. The sound and texture of crunching on a potato chip
42. Things that snap together and make a very definite snappy sound
43. Witnessing moments of courage
44. Being with someone I love
45. The heartiness of Indian food
46. The freshness of Thai food
47. Finding a new and interesting theory on the mind-body connection
48. Feeling hope that I can overcome challenges
49. Being challenged at work
50. Humour
51. A cooked breakfast
52. Winning at something,anything
53. Amazing sunsets
54. News from people I may not have seen in a long time
55. Amazing colour combinations
56. A good film
57. Taking showers in the dark
58. Hitting the sweet spot with a cotton tip
59. Days when I'm throwing a frisbee well with AC
60. Farmers Union Iced Coffee on occasions
61. Letting chocolate dissolve slowly in my mouth
62. Caring, giving people
63. Reaching a state of 'flow' when I'm drawing, painting or designing
64. Massage
65. Running and feeling free
66. Travelling in a very foreign place
67. Waking up to drink cold milk in the middle of the night
68. Feeling in tune with my body
69. Feeling in touch with nature
70. Having responsibility
71. Taking the journey more so than arriving at the destination
72. Hot baths
73. Mountains and valleys
74. The freedom of skiing
75. Watching ABC's Collectors
76. Rummaging at an antique store
77. Writing dribble
78. Playing with fonts
79. A friends hand made cards
80. Feeling cleanly shaven
81. Wearing a nice suit and some good aftershave
82. Solving a problem
83. Straightening up a crooked picture
84. Feeling the 'ambience' of a space
85. Discovering a new place to eat
86. Sandwiches that have been nicely wrapped
87. Refreshing changes in scientific thought
88. Miracles
89. Happy design accidents
90. Finding out the meaning of a word
91. Witnessing real and positive change in others
92. Well designed public spaces
93. Feeling like I'm 'in the loop' with things
94. A nice orange colour or mint green
95. A strawberry that actually tastes like a strawberry
96. Having space to do what I want to do and be what I want to be
97. Daydreams/vivid nightdreams
98. Well functioning websites
99. Comfortable fitting shoes
100. Items that are worth every cent

Man...I'm just warming up here. Can I add:
101.Writing lists?



I woke up last night to the thought that I need to change the name of this blawg to Trouser. The name 'woodwind sounds' wasn't siting too well with me. I felt it to be a bit wanky and it was forcing me somewhere I didn't want to be. I consider I'm still in R&D phase so I don't care about changing stuff anyway. NEW design coming up!


the worst piece of advice you might ever hear

I was having a shower last night and as is often the case - I tend to get very philosophical when I'm completely nude and sopping wet. Random thoughts led to more random thoughts which led to some thoughts that were slightly more coherent. And here is what I thought.

I thought about one piece of advice you might hear in your life that looks OK at face value but lacks a helluva lot of depth. It's the idea that in order to get anywhere we should remove the obstacles that get in our way. And specifically here, I was thinking about this idea and how it applies to people around us.

In essence, this well meaning 'advice' purposes that to develop, or to evolve, we should remove the people from our lives that 'drag us down' or 'hold us back.' I've heard this idea often and I've read it alot.

But what does it really mean to walk away from those people who are at a different stage in life to us or maybe need our help the most? Surely our evolution is about having, developing and demonstrating compassion and tolerance for others. Not walking away and pretending the world's hurts do not exist. Treating 'problem people' as things that get in our way is ultimately a selfish and irrational view that removes the thinking, feeling and relational human been from the context of real life.*

I know many people who have actually chosen the path to work with other people's problems. They have committed to serving others in crisis and have not looked the other way. And importantly, this is where they find ultimate fulfillment.

I think we find meaning in the colours and in the shadows, on the surface and in the depths of life. We will never find meaning in perfect isolation where obstacles do not exist. They are not to be stepped around but to be walked through.

*We might choose to re-frame from 'problem people' to 'people's problems'. Then can we look at the problem objectively. We can then choose to remove ourselves from the problem, but not the person (unless of course the person is in a severely stressed state and threatens to axe your chest. Then, let common sense prevail and get the hell out of there!)


i'm addicted to lists

I admit it. I'm addicted to writing lists, viewing lists and thinking of new lists of things. Post-It notes and scraps of paper I can not get enough of. And now my addiction has spilled over into cyberspace. Not only am I submitting copious lists for people to view online, I'm now using virtual sticky notes on the desktop of my mac and enjoying lists by other people.


101 things in 1001 days

So I seem to have about 150 tings down that I know I want to do. But what can I accomplish in 1001 days I wonder? That's about 2.75 years. Quite a good period of time. The idea comes from Day Zero. So, here's a condensed list that I'll add to that site too...

Green = in progress
Red = completed

1. Visit South America including Inca and Aztec ruins (South America)
2. Drink Saki under Cherry Blossoms in Japan (Japan)
3. Eat a baguette with cheese and wine by the Eiffel Tower (France)
5. Get hammered in a Spanish Village (Spain)
6. See the Pyramids (Egypt)
7. Go on a week (minimum) bike tour (TBA)
8. Honour the Anzacs in Turkey (Turkey)
9. Climb to Everest Base Camp (Nepal)
10. Listen to local music and smoke a Cuban in a club in Cuba (Cuba)
12. Traverse Scandinavia (Fin, Den, Swed, Nor & Iceland)
13. Snowboard in Japan (Japan)
14. Spend a night on the ocean
15. Ride on the roof of a train
16. Take a houseboat trip on the Murray
17. Trek through Tasmania
18. Visit the Blue Mountains
19. Take a morning flight in a hot air balloon
20. Fly in a helicopter

Health & Fitness
1. Stand up on a surfboard
2. Ride a bike in a pellaton
3. Weigh 68kgs at <12%>
4. Be comfortable walking around in the nude/in my own skin

. Experience an all day pampering and not feel guilty
6. Be able to run comfortably for an hour
7. Have an acupuncture session
8. Run the City to Bay
9. Take an army assault course

1. Skydive
2. Get a tattoo
3. Go out all night and then go direct to work
4. Go to a forest ‘rave’ party
5. Try bobsledding
6. Ride in an Army Tank
7. Get a BS&C Wax
8. Skinny dip in the ocean
9. Learn to ride a motorbike
10. Bungi Jump

1. Have a personal mission statement - stand by it/revise if necessary
2. Have a solid and lasting faith in something greater than me
3. Design my own ILP (Integral Living Program)

1. Learn Spanish
2. Learn the basics of motor mechanics
3. Know 50 fonts
4. Know and locate all of the countries of the world
5. See the entire series of Twin Peaks
6. Own a whole bunch of books by Eric Carle
7. Do more formal study
8. Read Wilcocks 'An Occupational Perspective of Health'
9. Read Kielhofner's 'A model of Human Occupation'
10. Formally study and use an energetic healing technique on others

For Planet Earth
1. Swim with a dolphin
2. Be carbon neutral
3. Hug a tree
4. Go bird watching
5. Take part in a Clean Up Australia Day
6. Give blood
7. Give a gift to a stranger
8. Give a homeless guy a meal
9. Provide a bed to a stranger
10. Support and work with a foreign agency to build shelter
11. Be a lifelong member in 3 charities: animal, humane, environment
12. Be an active member of the Slow Food Movement

Family / Relationships
1. Send a dozen red roses to my beloved

Friends and Community
1. Write a fan letter
2. Prepare a three-course dinner for friends
3. Shout a group of friends to dinner and not care about the costs
4. Start a charitable group with friends
5. Take part in a progressive dinner

1. Have my own home

1. Host my own exhibition
2. Have design work published in a magazine
3. Write and record my own song
4. Write and direct my own short movie
5. Post up a stencil in a public place
6. Throw a pot on a wheel
7. Bake a cake
8. Write a short novel
9. Publish a zeen
10. See a cirque du soleil act
11. Sing solo in front of a group of people (karaoke?)
12. Build something beautiful out of wood
13. Build an axe from raw materials
14. Learn to make espresso
15. Have an illustrated character published online/in print
16. Carve a sculpture out of wood
17. Learn to stretch my own canvas
18. Own a crusty old workbench
19. Create little effigies out of found materials
20. Take part in a group exhibition with a common theme
21. Design my own range of cards
22. Animate a short film
23. Photograph more doors and display them somewhere

1. Win something in an auction (not ebay)
2. Pay off one college loan

Just for fun
1. Have a party trick
2. Eat a Balfours Frog Cake
3. Dress like an ape
4. Host a Bread Hat Party
5. Fly a remote controlled plane


imogen heap

Perfection? - (maybe not the video but the song, the girl)
Hide and Seek

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sigur ros


i want a tractor

Officially, the ABC's Collectors is my favourite show. Unofficially, Chasers War on Everything is my favourite show (though I do have some grievances about it too).

To begin with, Collectors is all about Collecting and it's what's inspired me to be a collector. Of what, I'm not sure, but I like the thought of researching and pursuing a certain item. Then there's the people who host it - all very passionate about their own things and all seemingly very nice people that get along. Plus Niccole Warren is a little bit cute! What also makes this show interesting is that it's filmed in Tasmania. I don't know of any other shows that have been filmed in Tassie and it kind of makes you think about going there.

Some of the best stories so far have been on collections of found blue objects, snowdomes, sneakers, blythe dolls, novelty postcards and an historic pharmacy collection. I haven't seen all the episodes but hope to.

How do people fall into collecting something anyway? There's probably a myriad of reasons and maybe for many it just happens by chance. I for one want a tractor. Not a collection of them. Just one Little Grey Fergie .

linky bloggy dump : number one

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reggie watts

I found this guy Reggie Watts. He's pretty talented. As well as being a comedian he mixes his voice into some sexy sounding tunes. I just happened to like his little films taken on his phone. I like the apocolyptic feel to this first shot taken at Burning Man through a plastic bag.

And this is probably the nicest thing I've seen in a while. View at night in dark with headphones.

GREEN from Reggie Watts on Vimeo.


on blogging

So it appears we're here to stay. I was thinking more about this blog specifically and what I want it to be. I realise it may not be the best thing to write too many blogs because who can keep up? But then, what does it really matter? So for this blog, I'm happy to let it role on and evolve in whatever direction it takes.

I wrote the little subheader to remind me that I've got complete freedom to comment on whatever I like here. I'm not going to restrict myself to something just yet. I will however continue to style the blog so it's consistent throughout and will probably look at categorizing at some point in the future. I'm choosing to italics and lighten little side rambles like this one for ease of discernment.

Looking about other blogs I'm also gaining an appreciation of what others are doing and how far this whole blogging thing can be pushed. I have had some thoughts about other blogs I might like to start which are more specific, like:

1. A blog devoted to posting up photos of found objects of one specific colour each month
2. A blog devoted to wood
3. A blog devoted to pictures of doors and windows (I'd love to collect them but not sure I have the space so this is the next best thing) as well as other things that open and close like boxes
4. A blog devoted to coffee
5. A blog devoted to environmental art (see
6. A blog devoted to intelligence in nature
7. A blog devoted to Nostalgia and Melancholy. I have a vague sense of this but not too clear on it yet.

I think the main reason I would want to do one or a number of these is that it would encourage me to be more conscious of my surrounds and allow me to indulge in some passions which I'm usually pretty poor at pursuing.

hub caps & lemon's

The other day I was filling up my car at a petrol station and on getting out of the car, noticed a huge shopping bag of lemons sitting in the gravelly garden next to my car. Looking around (sheepishly), I realised they'd been dumped there so I figured - what the hey - I might as well take these. Lemons are expensive you know!

Facing some hesitancy, I gave the lemons to my parents. (Hesitancy - mainly because I joked with my Mum (a sometimes paranoid type) that they may have been poisoned deliberately and perhaps she really shouldn't eat them (Mum actually likes to eat lemons like you would an apple!)). The next day though, having not yet had any lemons, both Mum and Dad came down with terrible throat gurgling colds coupled with competitive coughing fits (a new sport?). And guess what - they've been surving on honey and lemon drinks ever since. Is that Fate or what?

Off the topic but still sort of on it; Why do you see so many hub-caps resting against trees or stobey poles on the side of the road? I mean, sure, they come off all the time but who ever has the thought to pick one up and place it neatly against a tree, thinking that the person who lost it is going to come back to find it? Or are wayward hub caps to be taken by anyone as well? I sure could do with a nice bowl for all my lemons.

code power!

I've just changed my browser from safari to firefox and at last I have all the options I need to do what I want to do on this little mac. So for mac users, this is a necessary step to take if you're shithouse at html.


on the theme of jobs

I'm always thinking about Occupation. About what keeps us 'occupied.' What keeps us motivated to do the things we do? What drives us? What drives me? Is anything driving me anymore or is it just habit? Are those drives external or internal? Or both?

credit: damn cool pics (artist unknown) | damncoolpics.blogspot.com

And you know when you read about some people who have done all sorts of jobs and you wonder how they did it all? Well, the truth is they've probably only done some of those jobs for a short period any way. Only, some people happen to promote the small stuff in a BIG WAY. Here's my chance to do that too. And yeah - I've done alot of different jobs BUT, some of these were only for a day. A long list until you look a little deeper.

Anyway, here's a list of all the jobs I've ever done and been paid for (in order, sort of):

» Customer Sales at a Newsagent
» Glassee at a Bar
» Hotel Rouseabout for various hotels/motels
» Childrens Puzzle Designer for online games - weird job that one!
» Fasta Pasta Kitchenhand
» Coles Customer Service
» Accounts support person at the Police Credit Union
» Woolworths Customer Service and Nightfilling
» Kitchenhand for Jo Jo's Pizzeria
» Health Products Manager at Council On The Ageing (COTA-NSA)
» Travel Insurance Sales at Council On The Ageing (COTA - NSA)
» Gardener
» Sign Writer
» Delivering Model Week information for Adelaide City Council
» Data Entry Operator
» Eight weeks on a Guillotine - horrid but great pay!
» Qantas Flight Catering & Cleaning - kind of fun for a while
» Health Promotion Officer - Royal Adelaide Hospital
» Copywriting for the State Electoral Office
» Occupational Therapist in Mental Health
» Graphic Designer for web and print


ot : an academic threat to basket weavers? (part one)

When I started out studying Occupational Therapy (OT) I thought I knew what it was. But by the first week I had a pretty good idea I didn't know what it was, no one else knew what it was and it took us all four or more years to find out.

Though I'm still trying to work out what it is.
And, I'm also not alone here.

Why is it that OT is so badly understood? Is it really just suffering from a poor marketing campaign? I think in many ways it is. I've been wanting to write about this for a while but I'm not too sure how to get it all down! And perhaps this clarification is as much for me as it may be for anyone who per chance reads this blog.

It might help if I start out by defining what OT is not:

A. It's Not Basket Weaving. This is an out-dated, out-moded concept that stems from OT's infancy during the Great War. And, if you're an OT working in a Multi-Disciplinary Team you're probably likely to hear this term heckled at you on your first day and every day thereafter (usually from naive nurses or social workers).

Back in the war, nurses used craft, wood work etc. as a way to occupy and rehabilitate wounded soldiers. But while we still have wars - the times, they have changed.

Furthermore, you don't need a FOUR YEAR DEGREE (or PHD if you really like) to teach people how to stitch thatch!

B. It's Not Art Therapy. This, along with Music Therapy tends to fall under a loose category of 'Diversional Therapy.' You can study to be a Diversional Therapist (probably 2 years at TAFE?) though to do these things doesn't always require it. Music, Art and Drama Therapists etc. come from a range of backgrounds and these fields in themselves can be studied to various degrees.

C. It's Not Nursing. With every respect to nurses, OT is it's own Allied Health discipline. Nurses can not be OT's just as OT's can not be nurses. This annoys the proud part of me the most.

I never wanted to be a nurse. I am not a nurse. OT comes with its own foundations, its own beliefs, its own framework. Without proper training, a nurse could not perform a Functional Capacity Assessment just as an OT couldn't jab a needle in your arm.

D. It's Not getting people back to work. And it isn't Occupational Health and Safety. For sure, this is a part of it and we must work within Health and Safety Guidelines, though OT is much more, Or less, depending where you're working. But by and large, getting people back to work is really a fraction of what drives the therapist.

E. It's Not acting with a 'Red Hat.' In the UK, this term is often used toward OT's, especially in community settings. And this same idea apllies all over the world though the terms might be different.

The term 'Red Hat' stems from some crazy view of the OT as 'clown' - as the one who entertains. No! No! No! This is not the function of the OT. OT's do not entertain. They will not perform for you (unless you pay them handsomely in favoured grocery items) and they will not clean up your dishes - although, because they're so nice, they usually do get lumped with the coffee cups.

F. It's Not a cereal endorsed by Ian Thorpe.

G. It's Not IT. It's OT (stoopid :p)

OK. OT. Where does this leave us then? Well, we've narrowed the field by saying some of the things that OT isn't. How do we say what it is? We'll save that for the next post...


35 other jobs i can imagine myself doing

1. Writer for a magazine - design, health or something that combines both
2. Full-time artist/sculptor
3. Buyer/importer for homewares, furnishing etc.
4. Project Manager for a humanitarian aid organisation
5. Energetic Healer
6. Health Researcher
7. Arts or museum curator
8. Cafe cum library cum gallery cum homewares shop manager
9. Fireman
10. Heritage Officer
11. Website Manager
12. Anthropologist
13. Archaeologist
14. Psychologist
15. Scholar of Religions
16. Interior Designer
17. Furniture Designer
18. Games Designer (for social or health causes)
19. Forensic Investigator
20. Mystic
21. Helicopter Pilot
22. Photographer
23. Antiques/Collectables Dealer
24. Funeral Director
25. Puppetmaker
26. Zookeeper
27. Naturopath
28. Health Retreat Manager
29. B&B Manager
30. Tourism/travel researcher/writer
31. Migration Officer
32. Barista
33. Town Planner
34. Monk
35. Cubby House Builder

Oh, and Cult Leader.

43 more things i want to do before i die

1. Own a Karmann Ghia (thanks cb)
2. Eat a Balfours Frog Cake
3. Carve a sculpture out of wood
4. Take part in a 'Clean Up Australia Day'
5. Learn to stretch my own canvas
6. Design and make a stained glass
7. Travel through the South of India
8. Stomach a meal of momos and butter tea in Lhasa (Tibet)
9. Own a crusty old workbench
10. Design my own font (this is a tuffy!)
11. Spend a week isolated in a log cabin
12. Run the City to Bay
13. Travel East to West across the U.S. of A.
14. Eat pancakes with real maple syrup in Canada
15. Host a Bread Hat Party
16. Fly a remote controlled plane
17. Take an army assault course
18. Win something in an auction (not ebay)
19. See the entire series of Twin Peaks
20. Own a whole bunch of books by Eric Carle
21. Pay off my student loans
22. Do more study
23. Use less words and more action
24. Design my own ILP (Integral Living Program)
25. Read Wilcocks 'An Occupational Perspective of Health'
26. Read Kielhofner's 'A model of Human Occupation'
27. Take part in a group exhibition with a common theme
28. Design my own range of cards
29. Design the cover of a book
30. Animate a short film
31. Own a wooden boat
32. Photograph more doors and display them somewhere
33. Be an active member of the Slow Food Movement
34. Smoke sheeshah with nomads in a middle eastern desert
35. Be a lifelong member in 3 charities: animal, humane, environment
36. Publish a zeen
37. Commit to exercsie and nutrition as of life-long importance
38. View the birth of a human
39. Create little effigies out of found materials
40. Walk through a building by Frank Lloyd Wright ('falling water'?)
41. Dress like an ape
42. Give my children (if it happens) a quality education
43. Have a solid and lasting faith in something greater than me


check this s*** out!

The first three images are from The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the oldest surviving feature length animated film made in 1926 and using silhouettes (kind of like shadow puppetry).

The next two are from The Mysterious Geographic Expeditions of Jasper Morrello which is a mix of film and CGI and is probably inspired by Prince Achmed. I caught this on SBS about 6 months ago and loved it! It's pretty bizarre but the style is amazing. It's won a number of awards including Winner of 2 AFI Awards, 2005: BEST SHORT ANIMATION (Anthony Lucas) and OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN CRAFT IN A NON-FEATURE, Production Design (Anthony Lucas).

All beautiful stuff and must haves.


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ummm.... I don't know how to add links to my text. I dont think that Blogger likes my Safari browser very much as I don't get all of the text options in the posting screen. So for now we're linkless and a little dull. Unless somebody reads this and lets me know otherwise.