hub caps & lemon's

The other day I was filling up my car at a petrol station and on getting out of the car, noticed a huge shopping bag of lemons sitting in the gravelly garden next to my car. Looking around (sheepishly), I realised they'd been dumped there so I figured - what the hey - I might as well take these. Lemons are expensive you know!

Facing some hesitancy, I gave the lemons to my parents. (Hesitancy - mainly because I joked with my Mum (a sometimes paranoid type) that they may have been poisoned deliberately and perhaps she really shouldn't eat them (Mum actually likes to eat lemons like you would an apple!)). The next day though, having not yet had any lemons, both Mum and Dad came down with terrible throat gurgling colds coupled with competitive coughing fits (a new sport?). And guess what - they've been surving on honey and lemon drinks ever since. Is that Fate or what?

Off the topic but still sort of on it; Why do you see so many hub-caps resting against trees or stobey poles on the side of the road? I mean, sure, they come off all the time but who ever has the thought to pick one up and place it neatly against a tree, thinking that the person who lost it is going to come back to find it? Or are wayward hub caps to be taken by anyone as well? I sure could do with a nice bowl for all my lemons.

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kristy said...

out picking up those lemons. you are a brave man....
i wouldn't have been able to get out of my head the fact that they would have been put there for a reason - wouldn't they?