goodbye 07

I'm going to be offline until 2008 so for now, I just want to say thanks everybody for reading the blog and for your great words. Trouser will be back in 2008 sporting some new pants and a $2 haircut. Merry Christmas and all that too.


favourite klimt

The Kiss | 1907
Please also visit this site. The music and the design is V Nice!


less of me

I've decided that come the new year, I'll probably be writing less about me and changing the way this blog is being slapped together. I've decided to take 'trouser' to another level.

Once I can complete all of the posts I'm intending to, my plan is to start blogging more on the lifestyle I'd love to be living, rather than the one I've got. So it'll probably be less of the personal stuff and more about these things:

» Handcraftiness of all persuasions
» Art, Architecture and Design with 'Soul'
» Eco Friendliness / Eco Inspiredness
» Cultural Preservation
» Science, Spirituality and how this informs our means of living

I have some sense of how this'll piece together so it feels more cohesive and so the sites intention is clear. I think it'll be exciting and hope it helps not only me, but others, find inspiration in the Big AND and the little things.


the aalto house

credit : hoping for happy accidents

This is such a cosy little house. I'm going to buy it. The 'Aalto House' was designed by architects Aino and Alvar Aalto and completed in 1936. Built among almost untouched surroundings at Riihitie in Helsinki's Munkkiniemi, the house was designed as both a family home and an office for the architects and is an intimate building for living and working using simple uncluttered materials.


free photoshop brushes

Christmas has come early!!! Check these brushes out here, downloadable in high resolution, thousands of unique styles to choose from and did I mention, FREE!


my weird habits : number two

Number Two : Windscreen Wiper Wars

Sometimes I get a bit OCD. Everyone is to some degree. But perhaps what makes the difference between someone with OCD and the rest of us is the intensification and degree to which that 'disorder' impacts on their ability to function and on their own well-being.

Since forever, I've "enjoyed" riding in the front of the car on the passenger side and playing a game with the wind-screen wiper as it moves in the rain. Basically, I line up the sight of the wiper as it arcs downward, with the sight of little posts on the side of the road (or stobey poles, or any other repeating object).

Then, as the car passes each one, and the wiper comes down, I'll survey the image of the wiper 'sliding' over the targeted object. There's no real purpose to this other than maybe the security of a repeated pattern. But each time a post or other targeted object is missing, or each time the wiper doesn't quite come down and 'strike' over the post in time, I feel an almost 'mini-death.'

But hope and happiness is always restored when the wiper and object once again, synchronise to meet in perfect unison.

Now please don't tell me I'm strange!


i really do


linky bloggy dump : three

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man crush

I was sitting watching a film the other night featuring Christian Bale (Think Batman, The Machinist) and I realised I have a non-sexual Man Crush on him. I'm not frightened to admit this and I don't think it's a sign of any latent homosexuality that might be about to spill over into a penchant for Pina Colada's and t-shirts that reveal the midriff. But, beyond Mr Bale, I have more Man Crushes to be sure.

The Man Crush might be defined as:

A man having extreme admiration for another man, as though he wants to be him.
Urban Dictionary.

And so, relax, and cue the lights. Chi-Wow-Wow-Chikka-Ckikkahhh.

Christian Bale: A Physical actor and isn't he just gorgeous?

Jude Law: Charmingly Snotty. I'm in two minds about him.

Johnny Depp: Who wouldn't? Probably the quintessential of all man crushes.

Eric Bana: I just can't help calling him Eric Banana.

Viggo Mortenssen: A modern day Renaissance man. Highly skilled in many arts and he even owns an old printing press.

Denzel Washington: He might have been my first crush. I'm not so fond anymore but the memory prevails.

Chow Yun Fat: An odd choice maybe but he rounds out the Lucky Seven.

he he he


i never did quite complete that blo....

There's a few blog topics I've started but haven't quite finished. My aim for the next few is to now finish what I started. So, for the month of December I need to write on:

1. What OT is (a continuation of an earlier Basket Weaving Post)
2. My views on the Development of Adelaide
3. My views on Sex and Marriage
4. A refresh of my 1001 Days list
5. A continuation of Body Mysteria
6. My weird habits : number two

Other little projects in the pipeline include:

1. Images of my All-time Favourite Artworks (The AFA's)
2. MY Top 100 Films List (The PFI's)
3. Some personal artworks
4. A comment on Personal Insights
5. Charitable Blogging
6. Lomo Shots
7. Something to do with the Vietnam War (after seeing a great little film last night called Rescue Dawn)
8. Something to do with planet earth Vs the pitfalls of technology
9. Photo's of my "Man Crushes" - I will freely admit that I have them and any guy that says he doesn't is lying.

And of course, there's always 'against the sky' to be updated.

thirty three favourite fornasetti's

you do it to me andy goldsworthy