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It's been an odd sort of week. Random and strange. The weather has gone from hot and sunny to wet and gale-force winds!

On Thursday I spotted my doppelganger (double), driving in a car in front of me. For a moment I thought it was me I was looking at in his side mirror until I realised it wasn't. It was bizarre - kind of like having an outer body experience - especially since, from all angles he looked like me! There should be an unwritten social law that if you do spot your double, you should at least say hello and take a photo together.

Then Tursday night I was privileged to attend the Launch of the Adelaide Festival for 2008. It looks exciting and there's some stuff including a Leonard Cohen & Phillip Glass performance that looks awesome. Am also going to push for getting UniversalOne (city designers I'm aligned with) to do some light projections onto surrounding exterior space for a combined city project. It'll be interesting to see the facades of buildings along North Terrace lit up and have artwork projected across them.

Last night I met a few nice people at one of this nice little parties where everyone gathers in the kitchen. I had a great night - the first in a while. I wasn't expecting to really, as I didn't know too many people there. I'm just suffering a bit today though!

I'm getting healthy again which is good. I think it comes with the expectation of summer!

And last night I dreamt I was homeless.


ooh ooh and some more!

I can't resist.

1. The Adelaide Central Market : Food, Food and More Food from everywhere. A few of my fave places to eat are Lucia's for the old-style Italian, Kim's for Korean, Nana's for the Chinese buns, Goodies and Grains for health foods
2. Pickwicks Bakery : In North Adelaide for little gourmet pies and pasties
3. The Botanic Gardens : I don't get here enough but it's a peaceful haven inside a BUSTLING city (ahem!)
4. Henley Beach Square : There's something indescribable about it but it's so great in summer. Good spot for people watching, a walk and a coffee.


top 10 places in sa

Yet another list! These are just a few places in and around the state of South Oz that I really like. If I ever have the fortune of playing host to a foreigner, these are just some of the places I might have to force them to go visit (not in order):

1. Cibo Cafe : For the coffee, turkish bread, gelati, desserts, and general feel of the place though it's becoming less of an SA icon now
2. The Nova Cinema : Great alternative film and generally a nice place to be - especially the comfy chairs
3. Mount Lofty House : Accommodation, food and views
4. Coriole Winery : Wine, food and nice settings
5. The Whispering Wall : If you whisper into the wall from one end of a large dam, you can be heard as clear as a bell on the other end
6. The Big Rocking Horse : Many childhood memories climbing this monstrosity
7. Waterfall Gully : Good walks and you may just see a koala
8. Russell Jeavons Pizza at Willunga : A bit of a trip but excellent wood-fired gourmet pizza in a rustic setting
9. Kangaroo Island : Seclusion, beaches, food, scenery galore and loads of Aussie wildlife
10. The Lotus : A friends cocktail bar - I'm very proud of him!


It's been a while

I haven't written in a while. Life has been a bit chaotic of late, but in a good way. Trouser has taken a back seat to more pressing and important matters for now but I'll be back online soon.

Funny, with all this stuff going on, I don't feel like there's anything I want to talk about. When nothings going on, then I want to talk about everything. Maybe I'm just a little tired and needing to get back to some routine. But when I'm in routine I feel restrained.

A little bit of each is probably better.