Countries as Brands.

Click on the image for the best view. Via Cidade Dos Logos. 



Craftiness by AndriconGirl.

I've often wondered if blogging and the act of skimming blogs is damaging my health and my ability to remain attentive for long periods. This article will explain why that may not be the case.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? by The Atlantic.
But then again.... could reading on the web be re-wiring our brains? An interesting rebuttal.  

The older brain may not be slower, just a more complete processor.


Moving House.

I'm moving house tomorrow. So on the eve of my move, I thought I'd get inspired, do a little interiors searching online and post up the best of my finds here.

I want the plane especially. Via Inspace. 

Rusticness. Via Maditi Likes. 

Nice colours and sideboard. Via Room&Board.

This could be quite feasible for my place. 

Nice colours. Simple. Eclectic. A loft space from MSM.

Just love the textures, age, light. Via Inspace. 

I've often imagined living in a place with a big corner window.

I want a bookcase like that! Via ffffound.

Grey doesn't need to be drab.


Imagining The 10th Dimension.

Anyone who's ever been influenced by mushies, acid or any other bevy of illicit food stuffs might know something about this. But for those who prefer to ponder; this simply crafted video explains all 10 dimensions at once. A lot more interesting 10th dimension-ey stuff can be found by clicking here.

Located via the flavoursome Kitsune Noir.


The Ceremony.

Via boston.com


Strange Maps.

Strange Maps is full of quirky and largely unnavigable maps from around the globe. Like this - the earth as a tetrahedron.

Encyclopedia of Life.

Image via Sakura.

Encyclopedia of Life is an amazing online resource that is aiming to catalogue all of the known species of animal, vegetable and mineral(?) on the planet. It's still in its infancy but is rapidly evolving thanks to the contributions of a number of research partners.

My New Tissot!

When I should be saving for my new place, other priorities prevail. My new purchase, this PRC100 Quartz Tissot came all boxed up in a cool little box with compartments and books and even a little pillow. This is a purchase that I will hopefully keep for life. From here.



If you ever get the chance, you must see Drum Tao!!! (I'd hope these guys are part of the next Adelaide Festival). I was lucky enough to get along to this with JP and have to say this was the best show I have seen in years! (If ever!?) Farking athletic, precise, focussed, highly sexual, meditative. It was all of that.

And my companion JP made me laugh when she mentioned how after seeing such tight, ripped bodies pounding drums for the last two hours, she became even more aware of her own flabby bits. I had to agree – I felt fatter and lazier the more I sat and watched. It was both inspiring and depressing all at the same time. Heck - these guys are banging massive drums with huge mallets overhead for what seems like forever, and I get tired just putting out the laundry.

But worth every penny, and given the great company, this was the best night I've had in a long time. .


Spaaaaaaace Lawyers from The Nonist.

The Nonist and its off-shoot The Nonist Annex are both really fascinating, nay quirky sites put together by an unbelievably committed creative. From the Annex, this image is the writers comment on the first ever Space Law Certificate issued in the United States by the National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law (better get me one of those!)

Now please go see The Nonist for an example of blogging that churns!

Stunning Images from Belarus.

Via boston.com



England, 1940-41. "Battle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter." British Information Service/U.S. Office of War Information. Via Shorpy.

Treehouses for kids and adults too.

German architecture firm Baumraum has some splendid treehouses worth keeping in mind for when the floods come. Which of course they will.

Nice range of tees and pillows and things from enviro-friendly designers Service is Good.