reality check

And while I'm being selfish this Christmas....reality bites here : Chernobyl Legacy

christmas wish list

Apart from the things already posted on my tumblr page, here are a bunch of things I would love to have RIGHT NOW! But I'm prepared to wait until Christmas ;)

1. A PS3
2. An Ipod
3. Inspiration
4. A Chess Set
5. More Money
6. Pottery Classes
7. More PT Sessions
9. Home Furnishings
8. A shiny new watch
10. A Home of my own
11. Some Blank Canvases
12. Faith without Intellect
13. Spanish Lessons (real fast)
14. New Home Entertainment Unit
15. A Subscription to HOW magazine
16. Fresh, Organic Produce every day
17. A Plane Ticket to the Unites States
18. An extremely expensive Digital Camera
19. Rockclimbing equipment (Shoes, Harness)
20. New clothes from Country Road, A&G, Polo, Axels

That about covers it for now....Thanks!


siggi eggertssons art

credit: siggi eggertsson | www.vanillusaft.com




on the ropes

credit : www.sxc.hu

I've just had an awesome night rock climbing and I think this has become my new sport of choice. I've wanted to keep it up for a while but I've got more motivation now I've gotten myself in a 'crew.' Somebody I worked with is a freakish climber and she invited me along. And tonight I witnessed her stealth like finesse. But no reason to fear - she and the others I went with were all very lovely, encouraging and fun to be with.

I guess what I like about it is that it involves every part of you . Physically, it requires strength, agility, some flexibilty and a degree of fitness and really integrates both the left and right. Mentally - it takes determination, focus and the call to break through fear. Emotionally - light heartedness and fun and Spiritually - connection with the whole self and some letting go and trusting.

So - if anybody wants to come along with me each Monday - I strongly urge you to. That includes you too AC!

On a side note: Thankyou AC for my 2.5 days worth of new music. First play - The Music from Once with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Live.

And, has anyone felt that Adelaide is no longer the city it used to be? Something has changed and I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with it. Maybe I'm more Conservative on the issue of Adelaide's development than I thought... I'll write more about this later.


dubai in the sky


jack black is the real snowtown murderer

I've been fixated on a show on the tellie that portrays (in quite graphic detail) murders that have happened in Australia over the past few decades. Last nights episode featured the Snowtown Murders. For anyone who doesn't know - 10 people were found in barrels that were left in a discarded bank vault in the little 'village' of Snowtown. Two other bodies were located in a backyard.

This was a particularly gruesome crime that shocked the state and firmly secured SA as the murderous capital of Australia - at least in the minds of people who don't come from SA.

The barrels were filled with Hydrochloric Acid to dispose of the remains. But guess what? The bodies never really dissolved - they just mummified and stank (a lot!). (Now Come On! - Everybody know you don't use Hydrochloric Acid to dissolve human flesh! Don't they?).

At the time of the discovery, reporters and curious people came from everywhere to not only take a look at the bank but also to take a whiff (under doors, through the letter box, anywhere there was a gap...) - How macabre!

What I found most disturbing however, was not the crime exactly, but the fact that the actor they used to play John Bunting (the enraged killer behind these murders) looked exactly like Jack Black (think The School of Rock and Nacho Libre).

Hmmm..How could I take these documented psychopathic theatrics so seriously now? He even had that little gap in his teeth!


rude words

I've just had a good chuckle at this:



angry citizens rant

Funny. Whenever something bad seems to happen, one of my first thoughts now is "I'm gonna blog this!"

We've had a Nissan Pulsar sitting outside of my office the last few weeks, banked up on the curb in a very nasty laneway that stems off of mine. Thinking it to be parked in an odd spot, I looked a bit closer to realise that it's been completely smashed up down the side as though it's hit something at speed. Plus, all four wheels are completely flat. I looked inside to notice a tonne of personal belongings including clothing, books and a whole mish-mash of other things.

I've thought of reporting it before but thought I'd leave it - just in case it belonged to one of the Chinese chefs nearby. But, coming to work today, I noticed it's now been 'broken into' with smashed glass everywhere.

So - I thought, I'm going to be a good citizen and report it. Maybe it's been stolen or used in some other heinous crime! And the Hindley Street Police Station is only a one minute walk away.

But on mentioning it just now - all I received from the rude policewoman behind the glass is a look and tone of complete apathy. She tells me I'll have to ring the council. She barely let me even say what it was I was reporting. So she asked, "Well - do you have the rego number?" to which I replied "Um no, but I thought maybe you should go have a look at it anyway..." Remember, it's only about 50 metres away! "Well, I can't - I'm behind the counter and my colleague here is eating" she snorts. Again, I reply, "Well - I wasn't directly referring to you but perhaps one of your officers could go take a look?"

They totally didn't want to know. Counter lady even huffed that it was likely they know about it and it's been reported before. Well - there's no stickers on it and it hasn't been towed yet. So, yer, right...!

By now, I basically felt like I was the criminal and the police had better things to do like eat. I showed them my disapproval at their response (honestly, they were going to do nothing). And I mentioned that I was surprised this was not a police matter considering it's a decent looking car, appears to have been in some sort of accident, dumped, there is glass everywhere and it's obviously now been broken into.

So, I'm waiting now to see if they'll turn up outside. Makes me wonder why I bothered.

Signed, Harold Bishop.

Post Note: A really sad thing about visiting this station was that I noticed someone I knew on a Missing Persons Poster from 2006. His profile, out of all of the others (most of which look like crims (he wasn't)) was the only one with a handwritten mark saying 'located.'