jack black is the real snowtown murderer

I've been fixated on a show on the tellie that portrays (in quite graphic detail) murders that have happened in Australia over the past few decades. Last nights episode featured the Snowtown Murders. For anyone who doesn't know - 10 people were found in barrels that were left in a discarded bank vault in the little 'village' of Snowtown. Two other bodies were located in a backyard.

This was a particularly gruesome crime that shocked the state and firmly secured SA as the murderous capital of Australia - at least in the minds of people who don't come from SA.

The barrels were filled with Hydrochloric Acid to dispose of the remains. But guess what? The bodies never really dissolved - they just mummified and stank (a lot!). (Now Come On! - Everybody know you don't use Hydrochloric Acid to dissolve human flesh! Don't they?).

At the time of the discovery, reporters and curious people came from everywhere to not only take a look at the bank but also to take a whiff (under doors, through the letter box, anywhere there was a gap...) - How macabre!

What I found most disturbing however, was not the crime exactly, but the fact that the actor they used to play John Bunting (the enraged killer behind these murders) looked exactly like Jack Black (think The School of Rock and Nacho Libre).

Hmmm..How could I take these documented psychopathic theatrics so seriously now? He even had that little gap in his teeth!

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