on the ropes

credit : www.sxc.hu

I've just had an awesome night rock climbing and I think this has become my new sport of choice. I've wanted to keep it up for a while but I've got more motivation now I've gotten myself in a 'crew.' Somebody I worked with is a freakish climber and she invited me along. And tonight I witnessed her stealth like finesse. But no reason to fear - she and the others I went with were all very lovely, encouraging and fun to be with.

I guess what I like about it is that it involves every part of you . Physically, it requires strength, agility, some flexibilty and a degree of fitness and really integrates both the left and right. Mentally - it takes determination, focus and the call to break through fear. Emotionally - light heartedness and fun and Spiritually - connection with the whole self and some letting go and trusting.

So - if anybody wants to come along with me each Monday - I strongly urge you to. That includes you too AC!

On a side note: Thankyou AC for my 2.5 days worth of new music. First play - The Music from Once with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Live.

And, has anyone felt that Adelaide is no longer the city it used to be? Something has changed and I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with it. Maybe I'm more Conservative on the issue of Adelaide's development than I thought... I'll write more about this later.


carolyne said...

I'd be up for some rock climbing. I went once at Morialta Falls & really enjoyed it (even if I did question what the hell I was doing clinging to a rock meters from the ground...).
But I have netty on Mondays...

Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly mouthwatering photo.