angry citizens rant

Funny. Whenever something bad seems to happen, one of my first thoughts now is "I'm gonna blog this!"

We've had a Nissan Pulsar sitting outside of my office the last few weeks, banked up on the curb in a very nasty laneway that stems off of mine. Thinking it to be parked in an odd spot, I looked a bit closer to realise that it's been completely smashed up down the side as though it's hit something at speed. Plus, all four wheels are completely flat. I looked inside to notice a tonne of personal belongings including clothing, books and a whole mish-mash of other things.

I've thought of reporting it before but thought I'd leave it - just in case it belonged to one of the Chinese chefs nearby. But, coming to work today, I noticed it's now been 'broken into' with smashed glass everywhere.

So - I thought, I'm going to be a good citizen and report it. Maybe it's been stolen or used in some other heinous crime! And the Hindley Street Police Station is only a one minute walk away.

But on mentioning it just now - all I received from the rude policewoman behind the glass is a look and tone of complete apathy. She tells me I'll have to ring the council. She barely let me even say what it was I was reporting. So she asked, "Well - do you have the rego number?" to which I replied "Um no, but I thought maybe you should go have a look at it anyway..." Remember, it's only about 50 metres away! "Well, I can't - I'm behind the counter and my colleague here is eating" she snorts. Again, I reply, "Well - I wasn't directly referring to you but perhaps one of your officers could go take a look?"

They totally didn't want to know. Counter lady even huffed that it was likely they know about it and it's been reported before. Well - there's no stickers on it and it hasn't been towed yet. So, yer, right...!

By now, I basically felt like I was the criminal and the police had better things to do like eat. I showed them my disapproval at their response (honestly, they were going to do nothing). And I mentioned that I was surprised this was not a police matter considering it's a decent looking car, appears to have been in some sort of accident, dumped, there is glass everywhere and it's obviously now been broken into.

So, I'm waiting now to see if they'll turn up outside. Makes me wonder why I bothered.

Signed, Harold Bishop.

Post Note: A really sad thing about visiting this station was that I noticed someone I knew on a Missing Persons Poster from 2006. His profile, out of all of the others (most of which look like crims (he wasn't)) was the only one with a handwritten mark saying 'located.'


kristy said...

i went into that station the other day, just to get them to sign the back of a photo for some id i needed.

all i was asking was for one of them to sign their name. there were three of them sitting there, drinking coffee and eating donuts - at 8:30 in the morning. (i thought they only did that in the nypd). anyway, they couldn't have been ruder. it was as if i had asked them to take their guns and shoot each other!

it took a lot of convincing and me quoting guidelines about certifying photos, and talking for about 10 minutes, for one of the officers to get up off her seat and sign her name.

they suck.

mandy said...

Well MY Hindley St police station encounter involved asking the rude guy behind the counter if there was a JP who could sign a stat dec. He said after ignoring me for a while and pretending I wasn't there (and perhaps hoping I wasn't knifed and bleeding all over the carpet tiles) 'no, he's not here, come back in 15 mins'. So I did, only to find the same rude guy WAS the JP and he signed the form with a sly little grin. Total SHITHEAD I say!

They surely do suck big time!