christmas wish list

Apart from the things already posted on my tumblr page, here are a bunch of things I would love to have RIGHT NOW! But I'm prepared to wait until Christmas ;)

1. A PS3
2. An Ipod
3. Inspiration
4. A Chess Set
5. More Money
6. Pottery Classes
7. More PT Sessions
9. Home Furnishings
8. A shiny new watch
10. A Home of my own
11. Some Blank Canvases
12. Faith without Intellect
13. Spanish Lessons (real fast)
14. New Home Entertainment Unit
15. A Subscription to HOW magazine
16. Fresh, Organic Produce every day
17. A Plane Ticket to the Unites States
18. An extremely expensive Digital Camera
19. Rockclimbing equipment (Shoes, Harness)
20. New clothes from Country Road, A&G, Polo, Axels

That about covers it for now....Thanks!

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