top 10 places in sa

Yet another list! These are just a few places in and around the state of South Oz that I really like. If I ever have the fortune of playing host to a foreigner, these are just some of the places I might have to force them to go visit (not in order):

1. Cibo Cafe : For the coffee, turkish bread, gelati, desserts, and general feel of the place though it's becoming less of an SA icon now
2. The Nova Cinema : Great alternative film and generally a nice place to be - especially the comfy chairs
3. Mount Lofty House : Accommodation, food and views
4. Coriole Winery : Wine, food and nice settings
5. The Whispering Wall : If you whisper into the wall from one end of a large dam, you can be heard as clear as a bell on the other end
6. The Big Rocking Horse : Many childhood memories climbing this monstrosity
7. Waterfall Gully : Good walks and you may just see a koala
8. Russell Jeavons Pizza at Willunga : A bit of a trip but excellent wood-fired gourmet pizza in a rustic setting
9. Kangaroo Island : Seclusion, beaches, food, scenery galore and loads of Aussie wildlife
10. The Lotus : A friends cocktail bar - I'm very proud of him!


kristy said...

mmm yes i like them. can we go back to russells again soon please? yes thanks.

mandy said...

Unfortunately for us #11: Magic Mountain is no longer with us. Dang it.

Ben said...

or #12 the roller coaster and theme park at the top of the myer centre, back in the day. that was some weird shit.