my weird habits : number two

Number Two : Windscreen Wiper Wars

Sometimes I get a bit OCD. Everyone is to some degree. But perhaps what makes the difference between someone with OCD and the rest of us is the intensification and degree to which that 'disorder' impacts on their ability to function and on their own well-being.

Since forever, I've "enjoyed" riding in the front of the car on the passenger side and playing a game with the wind-screen wiper as it moves in the rain. Basically, I line up the sight of the wiper as it arcs downward, with the sight of little posts on the side of the road (or stobey poles, or any other repeating object).

Then, as the car passes each one, and the wiper comes down, I'll survey the image of the wiper 'sliding' over the targeted object. There's no real purpose to this other than maybe the security of a repeated pattern. But each time a post or other targeted object is missing, or each time the wiper doesn't quite come down and 'strike' over the post in time, I feel an almost 'mini-death.'

But hope and happiness is always restored when the wiper and object once again, synchronise to meet in perfect unison.

Now please don't tell me I'm strange!

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juicy said...

U r quite queer! But I must admit I've got some OCD symptoms too. Whenever I park my car, I always have to double or triple-check to make sure it's locked. Same goes for door locks too. And I've also got issues with lights left on and dripping faucets in bathrooms.