less of me

I've decided that come the new year, I'll probably be writing less about me and changing the way this blog is being slapped together. I've decided to take 'trouser' to another level.

Once I can complete all of the posts I'm intending to, my plan is to start blogging more on the lifestyle I'd love to be living, rather than the one I've got. So it'll probably be less of the personal stuff and more about these things:

» Handcraftiness of all persuasions
» Art, Architecture and Design with 'Soul'
» Eco Friendliness / Eco Inspiredness
» Cultural Preservation
» Science, Spirituality and how this informs our means of living

I have some sense of how this'll piece together so it feels more cohesive and so the sites intention is clear. I think it'll be exciting and hope it helps not only me, but others, find inspiration in the Big AND and the little things.

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