man crush

I was sitting watching a film the other night featuring Christian Bale (Think Batman, The Machinist) and I realised I have a non-sexual Man Crush on him. I'm not frightened to admit this and I don't think it's a sign of any latent homosexuality that might be about to spill over into a penchant for Pina Colada's and t-shirts that reveal the midriff. But, beyond Mr Bale, I have more Man Crushes to be sure.

The Man Crush might be defined as:

A man having extreme admiration for another man, as though he wants to be him.
Urban Dictionary.

And so, relax, and cue the lights. Chi-Wow-Wow-Chikka-Ckikkahhh.

Christian Bale: A Physical actor and isn't he just gorgeous?

Jude Law: Charmingly Snotty. I'm in two minds about him.

Johnny Depp: Who wouldn't? Probably the quintessential of all man crushes.

Eric Bana: I just can't help calling him Eric Banana.

Viggo Mortenssen: A modern day Renaissance man. Highly skilled in many arts and he even owns an old printing press.

Denzel Washington: He might have been my first crush. I'm not so fond anymore but the memory prevails.

Chow Yun Fat: An odd choice maybe but he rounds out the Lucky Seven.

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eliz said...

you like the pretty guys huh? I'm with you on Johnny tho... who wouldn't go there...mmm :)