i never did quite complete that blo....

There's a few blog topics I've started but haven't quite finished. My aim for the next few is to now finish what I started. So, for the month of December I need to write on:

1. What OT is (a continuation of an earlier Basket Weaving Post)
2. My views on the Development of Adelaide
3. My views on Sex and Marriage
4. A refresh of my 1001 Days list
5. A continuation of Body Mysteria
6. My weird habits : number two

Other little projects in the pipeline include:

1. Images of my All-time Favourite Artworks (The AFA's)
2. MY Top 100 Films List (The PFI's)
3. Some personal artworks
4. A comment on Personal Insights
5. Charitable Blogging
6. Lomo Shots
7. Something to do with the Vietnam War (after seeing a great little film last night called Rescue Dawn)
8. Something to do with planet earth Vs the pitfalls of technology
9. Photo's of my "Man Crushes" - I will freely admit that I have them and any guy that says he doesn't is lying.

And of course, there's always 'against the sky' to be updated.

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