on blogging

So it appears we're here to stay. I was thinking more about this blog specifically and what I want it to be. I realise it may not be the best thing to write too many blogs because who can keep up? But then, what does it really matter? So for this blog, I'm happy to let it role on and evolve in whatever direction it takes.

I wrote the little subheader to remind me that I've got complete freedom to comment on whatever I like here. I'm not going to restrict myself to something just yet. I will however continue to style the blog so it's consistent throughout and will probably look at categorizing at some point in the future. I'm choosing to italics and lighten little side rambles like this one for ease of discernment.

Looking about other blogs I'm also gaining an appreciation of what others are doing and how far this whole blogging thing can be pushed. I have had some thoughts about other blogs I might like to start which are more specific, like:

1. A blog devoted to posting up photos of found objects of one specific colour each month
2. A blog devoted to wood
3. A blog devoted to pictures of doors and windows (I'd love to collect them but not sure I have the space so this is the next best thing) as well as other things that open and close like boxes
4. A blog devoted to coffee
5. A blog devoted to environmental art (see
6. A blog devoted to intelligence in nature
7. A blog devoted to Nostalgia and Melancholy. I have a vague sense of this but not too clear on it yet.

I think the main reason I would want to do one or a number of these is that it would encourage me to be more conscious of my surrounds and allow me to indulge in some passions which I'm usually pretty poor at pursuing.


kristy said...

i would read all those blogs. maybe you should become a hermit and devote your time to just writing blogs!

phil said...

I'm already half way there...