43 more things i want to do before i die

1. Own a Karmann Ghia (thanks cb)
2. Eat a Balfours Frog Cake
3. Carve a sculpture out of wood
4. Take part in a 'Clean Up Australia Day'
5. Learn to stretch my own canvas
6. Design and make a stained glass
7. Travel through the South of India
8. Stomach a meal of momos and butter tea in Lhasa (Tibet)
9. Own a crusty old workbench
10. Design my own font (this is a tuffy!)
11. Spend a week isolated in a log cabin
12. Run the City to Bay
13. Travel East to West across the U.S. of A.
14. Eat pancakes with real maple syrup in Canada
15. Host a Bread Hat Party
16. Fly a remote controlled plane
17. Take an army assault course
18. Win something in an auction (not ebay)
19. See the entire series of Twin Peaks
20. Own a whole bunch of books by Eric Carle
21. Pay off my student loans
22. Do more study
23. Use less words and more action
24. Design my own ILP (Integral Living Program)
25. Read Wilcocks 'An Occupational Perspective of Health'
26. Read Kielhofner's 'A model of Human Occupation'
27. Take part in a group exhibition with a common theme
28. Design my own range of cards
29. Design the cover of a book
30. Animate a short film
31. Own a wooden boat
32. Photograph more doors and display them somewhere
33. Be an active member of the Slow Food Movement
34. Smoke sheeshah with nomads in a middle eastern desert
35. Be a lifelong member in 3 charities: animal, humane, environment
36. Publish a zeen
37. Commit to exercsie and nutrition as of life-long importance
38. View the birth of a human
39. Create little effigies out of found materials
40. Walk through a building by Frank Lloyd Wright ('falling water'?)
41. Dress like an ape
42. Give my children (if it happens) a quality education
43. Have a solid and lasting faith in something greater than me

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