100 things that make me happy OR not another darn list!

Inspired once again by Day Zero, here is my list of 100 things that make me happy (not in any order):

1. A well made coffee served at the right temperature
2. Receiving random and heartfelt gifts
3. My nephew O.F. when he smiles
4. A good book that can't be put down
5. Music that moves me to another place
6. Meditating and letting go
7. Smiles from strangers
8. The company of my nearest friends
9. Cleaning up and sorting out rubbish
10. Receiving an email or text message from friends
11. Walking in nature
12. Sitting on the beach watching the waves
13. Balmy evenings
14. Waking up in a tent
15. Sleeping in
16. Pet therapy
17. When my car's running well
18. Nailing a piece of design
19. Viewing an inspired piece of art or design
20. Post exercise highs
21. Mountain biking up chambers gully
22. Lazy afternoons drinking and snacking in a garden somewhere
23. Birds
24. Street performers
25. Touching nice textures like wood, fabric and paper
26. Natures intelligent design
27. A warm wind that comes from nowhere
28. Flying on an aeroplane in the early hours of the morning
29. Strangely, eating aeroplane food
30. Beautiful women with enchanting faces - brings smiles to the point of tears
31. Seeing other people happy or secure
32. Being able to do something good for someone else
33. Feeling useful, wanted, loved
34. Distant memories from when my life was way less complicated
35. Clothing that looks good on me and fits me right
36. Customer service people who enjoy their jobs
37. Furniture and accessories made from natural materials
38. Places that ooze 'soul'
39. Peeling off a large chunk of wallpaper
40. The feeling and the sound of putting a coin into a slot
41. The sound and texture of crunching on a potato chip
42. Things that snap together and make a very definite snappy sound
43. Witnessing moments of courage
44. Being with someone I love
45. The heartiness of Indian food
46. The freshness of Thai food
47. Finding a new and interesting theory on the mind-body connection
48. Feeling hope that I can overcome challenges
49. Being challenged at work
50. Humour
51. A cooked breakfast
52. Winning at something,anything
53. Amazing sunsets
54. News from people I may not have seen in a long time
55. Amazing colour combinations
56. A good film
57. Taking showers in the dark
58. Hitting the sweet spot with a cotton tip
59. Days when I'm throwing a frisbee well with AC
60. Farmers Union Iced Coffee on occasions
61. Letting chocolate dissolve slowly in my mouth
62. Caring, giving people
63. Reaching a state of 'flow' when I'm drawing, painting or designing
64. Massage
65. Running and feeling free
66. Travelling in a very foreign place
67. Waking up to drink cold milk in the middle of the night
68. Feeling in tune with my body
69. Feeling in touch with nature
70. Having responsibility
71. Taking the journey more so than arriving at the destination
72. Hot baths
73. Mountains and valleys
74. The freedom of skiing
75. Watching ABC's Collectors
76. Rummaging at an antique store
77. Writing dribble
78. Playing with fonts
79. A friends hand made cards
80. Feeling cleanly shaven
81. Wearing a nice suit and some good aftershave
82. Solving a problem
83. Straightening up a crooked picture
84. Feeling the 'ambience' of a space
85. Discovering a new place to eat
86. Sandwiches that have been nicely wrapped
87. Refreshing changes in scientific thought
88. Miracles
89. Happy design accidents
90. Finding out the meaning of a word
91. Witnessing real and positive change in others
92. Well designed public spaces
93. Feeling like I'm 'in the loop' with things
94. A nice orange colour or mint green
95. A strawberry that actually tastes like a strawberry
96. Having space to do what I want to do and be what I want to be
97. Daydreams/vivid nightdreams
98. Well functioning websites
99. Comfortable fitting shoes
100. Items that are worth every cent

Man...I'm just warming up here. Can I add:
101.Writing lists?


kristy said...

i like your lists - yesiree...

although i see that ac was mentioned specifically - i'm sure the inclusion of kr was just an oversight!

Desolation Row said...

this blog is turning into something more then just a blog about woods and the initial project, isnt it? great!

some of those things make me feel happy, too =D