101 things in 1001 days

So I seem to have about 150 tings down that I know I want to do. But what can I accomplish in 1001 days I wonder? That's about 2.75 years. Quite a good period of time. The idea comes from Day Zero. So, here's a condensed list that I'll add to that site too...

Green = in progress
Red = completed

1. Visit South America including Inca and Aztec ruins (South America)
2. Drink Saki under Cherry Blossoms in Japan (Japan)
3. Eat a baguette with cheese and wine by the Eiffel Tower (France)
5. Get hammered in a Spanish Village (Spain)
6. See the Pyramids (Egypt)
7. Go on a week (minimum) bike tour (TBA)
8. Honour the Anzacs in Turkey (Turkey)
9. Climb to Everest Base Camp (Nepal)
10. Listen to local music and smoke a Cuban in a club in Cuba (Cuba)
12. Traverse Scandinavia (Fin, Den, Swed, Nor & Iceland)
13. Snowboard in Japan (Japan)
14. Spend a night on the ocean
15. Ride on the roof of a train
16. Take a houseboat trip on the Murray
17. Trek through Tasmania
18. Visit the Blue Mountains
19. Take a morning flight in a hot air balloon
20. Fly in a helicopter

Health & Fitness
1. Stand up on a surfboard
2. Ride a bike in a pellaton
3. Weigh 68kgs at <12%>
4. Be comfortable walking around in the nude/in my own skin

. Experience an all day pampering and not feel guilty
6. Be able to run comfortably for an hour
7. Have an acupuncture session
8. Run the City to Bay
9. Take an army assault course

1. Skydive
2. Get a tattoo
3. Go out all night and then go direct to work
4. Go to a forest ‘rave’ party
5. Try bobsledding
6. Ride in an Army Tank
7. Get a BS&C Wax
8. Skinny dip in the ocean
9. Learn to ride a motorbike
10. Bungi Jump

1. Have a personal mission statement - stand by it/revise if necessary
2. Have a solid and lasting faith in something greater than me
3. Design my own ILP (Integral Living Program)

1. Learn Spanish
2. Learn the basics of motor mechanics
3. Know 50 fonts
4. Know and locate all of the countries of the world
5. See the entire series of Twin Peaks
6. Own a whole bunch of books by Eric Carle
7. Do more formal study
8. Read Wilcocks 'An Occupational Perspective of Health'
9. Read Kielhofner's 'A model of Human Occupation'
10. Formally study and use an energetic healing technique on others

For Planet Earth
1. Swim with a dolphin
2. Be carbon neutral
3. Hug a tree
4. Go bird watching
5. Take part in a Clean Up Australia Day
6. Give blood
7. Give a gift to a stranger
8. Give a homeless guy a meal
9. Provide a bed to a stranger
10. Support and work with a foreign agency to build shelter
11. Be a lifelong member in 3 charities: animal, humane, environment
12. Be an active member of the Slow Food Movement

Family / Relationships
1. Send a dozen red roses to my beloved

Friends and Community
1. Write a fan letter
2. Prepare a three-course dinner for friends
3. Shout a group of friends to dinner and not care about the costs
4. Start a charitable group with friends
5. Take part in a progressive dinner

1. Have my own home

1. Host my own exhibition
2. Have design work published in a magazine
3. Write and record my own song
4. Write and direct my own short movie
5. Post up a stencil in a public place
6. Throw a pot on a wheel
7. Bake a cake
8. Write a short novel
9. Publish a zeen
10. See a cirque du soleil act
11. Sing solo in front of a group of people (karaoke?)
12. Build something beautiful out of wood
13. Build an axe from raw materials
14. Learn to make espresso
15. Have an illustrated character published online/in print
16. Carve a sculpture out of wood
17. Learn to stretch my own canvas
18. Own a crusty old workbench
19. Create little effigies out of found materials
20. Take part in a group exhibition with a common theme
21. Design my own range of cards
22. Animate a short film
23. Photograph more doors and display them somewhere

1. Win something in an auction (not ebay)
2. Pay off one college loan

Just for fun
1. Have a party trick
2. Eat a Balfours Frog Cake
3. Dress like an ape
4. Host a Bread Hat Party
5. Fly a remote controlled plane


Anonymous said...

i Stumbled upon this list - just wanted to drop you a note to say it is amazing and bring it on !

It has given me a bit of inspiration.Cheers ... I will try to come back and see how you go.

phil said...

thankyou for the encouragement.