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I'm always thinking about Occupation. About what keeps us 'occupied.' What keeps us motivated to do the things we do? What drives us? What drives me? Is anything driving me anymore or is it just habit? Are those drives external or internal? Or both?

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And you know when you read about some people who have done all sorts of jobs and you wonder how they did it all? Well, the truth is they've probably only done some of those jobs for a short period any way. Only, some people happen to promote the small stuff in a BIG WAY. Here's my chance to do that too. And yeah - I've done alot of different jobs BUT, some of these were only for a day. A long list until you look a little deeper.

Anyway, here's a list of all the jobs I've ever done and been paid for (in order, sort of):

» Customer Sales at a Newsagent
» Glassee at a Bar
» Hotel Rouseabout for various hotels/motels
» Childrens Puzzle Designer for online games - weird job that one!
» Fasta Pasta Kitchenhand
» Coles Customer Service
» Accounts support person at the Police Credit Union
» Woolworths Customer Service and Nightfilling
» Kitchenhand for Jo Jo's Pizzeria
» Health Products Manager at Council On The Ageing (COTA-NSA)
» Travel Insurance Sales at Council On The Ageing (COTA - NSA)
» Gardener
» Sign Writer
» Delivering Model Week information for Adelaide City Council
» Data Entry Operator
» Eight weeks on a Guillotine - horrid but great pay!
» Qantas Flight Catering & Cleaning - kind of fun for a while
» Health Promotion Officer - Royal Adelaide Hospital
» Copywriting for the State Electoral Office
» Occupational Therapist in Mental Health
» Graphic Designer for web and print

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