i want a tractor

Officially, the ABC's Collectors is my favourite show. Unofficially, Chasers War on Everything is my favourite show (though I do have some grievances about it too).

To begin with, Collectors is all about Collecting and it's what's inspired me to be a collector. Of what, I'm not sure, but I like the thought of researching and pursuing a certain item. Then there's the people who host it - all very passionate about their own things and all seemingly very nice people that get along. Plus Niccole Warren is a little bit cute! What also makes this show interesting is that it's filmed in Tasmania. I don't know of any other shows that have been filmed in Tassie and it kind of makes you think about going there.

Some of the best stories so far have been on collections of found blue objects, snowdomes, sneakers, blythe dolls, novelty postcards and an historic pharmacy collection. I haven't seen all the episodes but hope to.

How do people fall into collecting something anyway? There's probably a myriad of reasons and maybe for many it just happens by chance. I for one want a tractor. Not a collection of them. Just one Little Grey Fergie .

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