moving again

after living in a unit for the last two months i've decided to move again. actually, it's about fifty percent my decision and fifty percent the decision of my bank account.

things have been a bit uneasy of late on the employment front. my contract has finished in one of my government jobs and in my other design job, the work is pretty thin and i've been geeting paid (very) infrequently. so that, along with the barrage of trucks outside my door and the posse of possums rooting on the roof has forced my hand. honestly though, living on a main road felt like i was camping out in a truckies brothel. so today i thought sod it - i'm getting out of here! back to the folks house and move number twenty or there abouts - that's about once every one and a half years!

how do i stop my mum from washing my underwear though? do i let her continue with the chore thinking maybe she needs to do it to feel like she's still fulfilling a motherly role. thus, am i doing her a service every time i fling my undies around the bathroom floor?

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