Ten Photo Exercises to Challenge Your Perspective.

1. Everything has a nemesis. Take 10 photo's of 10 different objects. Then photograph their nemesis.
2. Take 15 photo's of different barricades - they may be physical or may represent mental barriers. Then ask yourself, do these barriers protect or inhibit?
3. Make an alphabet of letter formations found in architecture.
4. Take 10 photographs of things in your world that need to be changed... from underwear to your career.
5. Capture photographs of 10 things in flight.
6. Take a photograph of 5 of your favourite houses in your area / city and write about it.
7. Try altering the scale of 10 things in your environment so they appear bigger or smaller than they really are.
8. Look Up! Take 10 photo's of ceilings that have interesting patterns.
9. Take a photo of 20 things that cause bad breath.
10. Take photo's of 20 things in your environment that are coloured orange.

With thanks to Caffeine For The Creative Mind

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