The Aamby Valley Experience.

A couple weeks back there was a story on the ABC about Aamby Valley - about two hours outside of Mumbai in India. Having traveled there, I'd never heard of it so it piqued my interest. When one thinks of India, first thoughts generally hover on images of dirt, squalor, poverty, industry. But not so in Aamby Valley. In fact, you can buy yourself out of the reality of India - at a price. The roads to Aamby Valley are some of the cleanest, well maintained in India and lead toward the HUGE Megalopolis that is Aamby Valley City. Definitely for the privileged, you can reside in this 10'000 acre estate (not a typo) among "misty hilltops and scented flowerbeds" in your choice of a chic and cozy timber chalet or perhaps a fabulously modern and customized villa.

With high fences and 24 horse-mounted security roaming its perimeter you're sure to feel secure from the scurge of India's lower class, as you tee off on the 18th or maybe take in a game of hockey on ice. Heck - you don't even have to leave the compound (at all), given Aamby Valley also comes stocked with shopping malls, a first class hospital, an international school and much much more.

Experience Aamby for yourself>>

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