Ok. It's not really that big and nothings on sale, but I have all of these websites bookmarked into my browser that I'm just not getting to (and are probably a distraction for me more than anything). But they're all in my files for a reason - they're good sites and they're worth looking at if you have the time. I'm reluctant to place them in the left and right column links on this page as those are reserved for sites I regularly go see.  So I'm just going to shovel them all into here for now....


Those Aren't Muskets: Funny guys from America with funny movies.

Ask Lo Pan: A blog by the evil LoPan of Big Trouble in Little China fame. Well ok, half true.

Engrish: Bad English written from on signs, posters, clothing etc. from other countries. If you've been e-mailed pages of these before, chances are most of them have come from here.

Despair Inc: Engaged in the relentless pursuit of dejection. You've never seen anything like this. Unless you've seen this site of course. 

Art and Design Blogs

We Make Money Not Art:They make money, not art.

Photoshop Disasters: Exactly as it says and many commentators get pretty heated on here about what classifies as a bad photoshopping example in the media and what's actually real. 

Judge a Book by its Cover: Yes, exactly. Some great examples of some terrible covers.

Design Stores

Brooks Saddles: They make some lovely leather bike seats that'll conform to your butt. And I like their site.

Moooi: Simply beautiful, minimalist designs for the home.

Douglas and Hope: A quirky little homewares store on Brunswick Street, Melbourne.

Semigood Design: More than just semi-good furnishings. 

"Twisted" Social Networking

Color Wars: Join an online team and play color wars like they do in American Summer Camps. Check out the Young Me / Now Me pics for a laugh.

Calacalaca City: Design your own Calacalaca thing for the world to see.  A WTF? site.

Grass Roots

The Freecycle Network: Free recycling. Pick up someone elses trash for FREE.

Book Crossing: Catch and release used books from all over the world. 

Afrigadget: Great stuff from Africa. 

Film Culture

Joox: Free downloadable movies.

Slash Film: Blogging all that is the movies.

Something a Little Different

Mighty Optical Illusions: A good time waster.

Urban Twilight: Definitely worth a peek into the underground tunnels and lairs of Australia's cities. You'll never see Adelaide the same way again. 

Brick Arms: For the LEGO enthusiast.

T-Shirt Companies

The Faded Line: Really nice upper end designs and eco-friendly.

Wooshka: A bit like Threadless but really not as good.

Nipple Cripple: An assorted batch of crazy T-Shirts from AussieLand. 

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