Hot Links.

Here's a few random sites that may or may not be worth your while checking out.

Here you can put together a mixed tape for your loved one without the hassle of jamming up your Ghetto Blaster. All for free, you can also listen to other peoples mixed tapes too.

By a seriously pissed off ex-Google employee. Google supposedly isn't all its made out to be and nobody wants to eat in the salad bar.

The Bureau of Communication
An oh-so-fine selection of fill in the blank stationery for the busy correspondent.

Bluebell FM
This site is just a touch "out there." Art, Words and Music by Hector and Bluebell. Who are crystals. Need I say more?

All My Faves - Why Search?
An interesting search engine which displays all of the top rating sites by their logos. If anything, it's a good place to see a snapshot of what's happening on the net.

12 Best User Generated Sites for Inspiration
A brief run down of all that inspires right now.

Dan Aykroyd and UFO's
Dan Aykroyd (yes the guy from such classic films like Ghostbusters) talks candidly about his theory on UFO's. There's some interesting clips on here and Dan is pretty impressive in his delivery.

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