This is Steampunk!

I've loved this type of stuff since I can remember but I never really knew that it had a name - Steampunk. Steampunk basically depicts a different age, perhaps sci-fi or fantasy or even an alternate history where steam power (and not electricity) prevails. It's often set in Victorian England or in worlds that might reference Victorian elements. As a genre, Steampunk started some time in the 80's. But as our global interest in alternate energy sources and different ways of being in the world grows, so too is the rise of interest in Steampunk. Here's a few more examples of Steampunk you may or may not have seen. Beautiful stuff.

Steampunk - an anthology of Steampunk fiction.

A PC all blinged out in Steamy Punkness

This cover from the comic strip but also made into a not-too-high rating film.

The Film - The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morrello 

Steamboy - a Japanese animated film by the director of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo. 

Steampunk Star Wars figures by Sillof, makers of all things steampunk. Chewy looks completely bitchin'.

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