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I've been collecting a library of images for a while now. Inspired by The Game, I wondered whether I could come up with some images that would capture what it is that I'm trying to create on this here blog. Sometimes I wonder what I'm trying to represent here at all. Whose values is this blog trying to uphold? Does it really matter what this blog is about at all and who really cares anyway? Barring about three people, is anybody else reading it? Are all bloggers too busy blogging on their own blogs to be reading anyone else's? There's so much good stuff out there, it's not possible to read it all - to be abreast of everything and still function in your own life!

For myself anyway, I think putting this blog together has actually helped me to become more aware of what's on the net that is actually positive, and not pornitive. A lot of the content thus far has not been overly original on my part, but at the very least, I feel it has helped me to keep focussed on what is life supporting and what is out there that can potentially offer us a more fulfilling and ultimately sustainable life. So, here's what Future Conscious IS, in a handful of random pictures:

Seeing the light with your feet in the dark.

Getting out of the box, getting back to nature. 

An open mind.

A recognition that brands are not impermeable to people.

The joy in simple things.

A focus on substance, quality, effort, authenticity....  

Seeing order in the chaos and harmony in all things. 

Reaching out to others.
Loving the beauty in the decay.

Technology AND Nature. Together. 

Looking at things from a higher perspective.

The security of place.

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Corrina DiLella said...

wow! I would love to live there...