Photo Albums Most Worthy of a Flicking Through.

A set of 45 photos on flickr with an interesting back story to the photographers origins. 

Owned by a co-operative of worldwide photographers, this fantastic site houses some 400'000+ images chronicling the people, events, issues and personalities that make up our planet. While the images are for sale, the site also hosts some great exhibitions, video essays, a blog and a whole lot more photographic goodness. 

Awesome light graffiti projects. It's graffiti without the mess. 

This is a tremendous gallery of "vintage snapshots and vernacular photography." Be sure to check out the photo's from the series The Booth as well as The Faces - which is a pretty strange compilation of profile shots of young teenage women and one young man undergoing some kind of bizarre experiment.  

There's a lot of graffiti on here from a fellow Adelaide chap. But of real note is the photo set from an abandoned building of the Julia Farr Centre. These shots really make me want to go explore some of Adelaide's eerie haunts.   

Foundphotoslj's Photostream
There's a whole lot of vintage photo's here in different sets - from The Man Who Smiles A Lot to a bunch of pimply teen's from the 50's.

- I've gotta say that looking through these sets of photo's (many of which were found discarded and later secured by caring people) has made me feel a little melancholic. Be warned if you're prone to similar states.

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