Six things in the next six months.

I've been having a day in thought (not unusual) and attempting to see into the future, I've come up with six things I need to focus on in the next six months:

1. Travel.
Planning for a month long trip to Japan. I don't think it's going to happen this year, nor will any significant journey to South America. But Japan looks like the best option in about March of next year.

2. Health.
Getting my energy up and my weight back down to 72kgs by way of biking, running, cross-training and quality nutrition.

3. Profession.
Building a portfolio of quality design work and being more professional with my own design services.

4. Finances.
Consolidating my finances and eliminating debts.

5. Balancing.
Re-connecting with my spiritual life through meditation, integrative practices, finding a framework that works for me.

6. Getting out!
Outside of work, I'm bored shitless. I need to find something enjoyable, creative, educational and social. What that is I don't know but I'm trying hard to find it. Maybe Spanish lessons?Volunteering some non-practicing OT time? Pottery? Scrabble? Lawn Bowls? .....over 30's single clubs!?

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