Six Things

It's been a while since I blogged (btw, I'm beginning to hate that term), as life choices have made sitting still in front of a computer in purely "personal time" somewhat hard. But Kristy has tagged me to write my six favourite things / things I like today so that's jolted me back into cyberbia.

So here they are:

1. Considering my two favourite coffee places are Cibo and the littler known Pranzo - noteably for their nearly always perfect coffee and the fact that they both use Rio Coffee - I give this award to the fine SA producers of Rio Coffee.

2. My nephew Oscar and the little tin car I gave him today that looks a bit like this:

3. Having the luxury of a roof, a bed, a warm room, parents, food, a vehicle, health and a job when others have none.

4. Country Road's move away from boat-shoe'd fantasies to what is now an emerging line of classic, fantastic and inexpenive clothing. Made even cheaper by the fact I'm entitled to a whopping 35% discount on everything.

5. The fluidity and the integrity of my Apple Mac, compared to this clunky windows driven, microsft loving pc I'm currently sitting at.

6. Hot, exotic women who are all over Adelaide now.

And here's a further Sicks Things. The things that make me feel ill today.

1. Bad ads.

2. The ever growing stomach flubber that feels uncomfortable inside my pants.

3. The smell of sewage outside the front door.

4. Intolerant, unlearned, unconscious and ungrateful wealthy people.

5. The current shite that is being offered on the rental market multiplied by the ridiculous weekly costs plus the real estate agents who couldn't care a less.

6. Big and unnecessary cars that ultimately complicate things for everyone.

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