person of colour

I think my eyesight is undergoing some sort of visual morphogenesis.

I've been staring at and comparing photos on a number of stock websites for the last few days and in the process, I think my vision has become more refined somehow. Colours seem to have taken on a different life. I seem to be able to differentiate between variations in colours more and able to pick up the different hues.

For example. I might have looked at the colour blue and thought '-that's the colour blue. It's a dark blue, like the sky at night. But it's blue anyway.' But now, that colour blue is more like '-yeah, it's blue but it's also got a shade of purple in it. Perhaps it's one part red, 999 parts blue'.

Ok, perhaps not that specific but definitely more refined. Another example - my USB is red. It's always been red. But then I picked it up and thought '-hang on - that's not really the red I remember. It's more of an orange.'

Or am I kiddng myself? maybe the world is actually fading.

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