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Today I began what's going to be a few weeks of design work by heading into the city and doing some research for imagery and font treatments. It's nice to be able to do things in my own time (and be paid for it) though a little isolated which is why I don't want to be freelancing full time.

I spent some time in Gloria Jeans in Borders flicking through How Magazine with my grubby fingers, and then upstairs in one of the lounges looking through A Smile In The Mind - a classic design book on the use of 'wit' in design (Note to self: must purchase). However, this guy came and sat next to me and he either flatulated (often) or that was his natural musk. And he had the nerve to hold his nose despite no one else being in the vicinity who it could have been other than he (and not I). I had to move.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I'm addicted to some of the applications in Facebook, especially Graffiti. I spend more time on Graffiti drawing computer generated crap than I should. If only doing some 'real' art on a 'real' canvas was so easy. And I'm also stuck on the Travel IQ Challenge - I even bought a massive National Geographic map from the Map Shop today. Maybe I'm reconnnecting with (or perhaps feeding the already existent) geek in me.

I'm also looking to buy a portfolio from Zetta Florence for Lifewise Client Testimonials. It's probably up there with THE best shop in Melbourne.

Thanks to CB I now know how to add links so I'll get to that and jazz things up a bit. It might take me some time coz I'd like to go over my past posts to link from them too. And I'm also trying to work out how to get my text shortcuts working on here - not sure Safari (on my mac) supports this (((((((( CB )))))))) echo....echo....cho...o.

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