Conscious Evolution.

Like a subtle fluid, space-time, having drowned our bodies, penetrates our soul. It fills it and impregnates it. It mingles with its powers, until the soul soon no longer knows how to distinguish space-time from its own thoughts. Nothing can escape this flux any longer, for those who know how to see....The human discovers that, in the striking words of Julian Huxley, we are nothing else than evolution become conscious of itself....Not only do we read the secret of its movement in our slightest acts, but to a fundamental extent we hold it in our own hands: responsible for its past and its future.
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Philosopher and author of The Human Phenomenon


kristy said...

nothing to do with conscious evolution... but i know you'll like this little treat

phil said...

That's nearly as bad as Two girls, One Cup. Although I'm sure it's a bit tastier!